Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Anti Smoking Drug Chantix Prohibited in the Sky

According to the NY Times report, Pilots and air traffic controllers who are trying to kick the nasty habit of smoking will have to find a safer product than Chantix. And that’s an order say the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Why? It appears that Chantix side effects include suicide and other serious psychiatric symptoms. That’s scary for anyone but especially for the men and women who are responsible for the lives of many such as pilots and air traffic controllers.

The FAA approved the use of Chantix in 2007 but was discontinuing its approval. The discontinuation was based on a report from a consumer drug watchdog group linking Chantix to the growing number of harmful side effects such as psychiatric instances, falls and accidents, heart attacks, diabetes, seizures, and lethal heart rhythm disturbances.

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