Monday, July 28, 2008

Using the Internet to Find a Qualified Attorney

Using the internet and online evaluation forms can help with procuring an attorney.

The internet is a great thing because it allows people to perform a number of duties that previously could not be performed with any ease. One such "new use" for the internet is the ability to find a qualified attorney to handle a particular case. More often than not, the internet is the perfect vehicle for finding the right attorney that meets your particular needs. One way this is done is by filing out an online case evaluation. Often, a case evaluation sends information to the attorney who then will respond. In other instances, the case evaluation will automatically provide a numerical grade for the validity of the case. This type of evaluation can be problematic. While such numerical grading is helpful it is far from an absolute authority.

In a perfect world, a numerical evaluation would be worth its weight in gold. Of course, the world is not perfect and any device providing automated legal advice on the validity of a case is dubious at best. Such a program should be used for informational purposes only and not as an authority on the merits of a case.

The only way to truly ascertain whether or not the case has merits is to discuss the case with a qualified Pennsylvania lawyer in depth and in detail. This is why many a Philadelphia lawyer offers consultations prior to taking a case. There is simply no way a computer program can possibly decide the validity of any litigation. So, approach any information derived from such software for informational purposes only. That is, rather than accept it on face value it would be best to discuss whatever results you receive in a face to face interview with an attorney. This way, you will truly know the merits of the case as the well as discovering the proper method of moving forward.

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