Thursday, July 31, 2008

Working with Your Lawyer

Don't withhold info from a lawyer or else a case could unravel.

Let's say that you are ready to file a lawsuit. You look for the best possible attorney you can hire and discover a Pennsylvania lawyer that has a strong track record for success. If you are hiring this attorney you are doing so because you want to win the case. So, why would you do things that would undermine your ability to win the case?

Undermine the case? Who said anything about doing that? Well you don't have to say anything if you are going to embody traits that make it difficult for the attorney to win the case. For example, many people will not be 100% honest or forthcoming with their attorney. This could be downright disastrous! Yet, there are those will do exactly that.

For example, let's say that the client is involved in a car accident. However, the client had not had the brakes of the car checked for four years. This is a terrible oversight that they never should have made. But, they had been less than enthusiastic about taking care of their car. So, when the client goes into the meeting with the Philadelphia lawyer they do not divulge such information. Later on, when the information is finally revealed perhaps in the discovery process, the case may be ruined. Now, who would want to be in a situation like this? Yet, people will do this because they do not embarrass themselves in front of their attorney by admitting negligence. Well, nothing will be more embarrassing than having the truth come out and a very inopportune time; particularly, when this information should have been divulged to the attorney in the first place.

Remember, your attorney is there to help you and if you undermine your attorney you would only be harming your own case. Obviously, this would be ill advised.

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