Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Foreign Travel Injury Lawsuits

Foreign Travel Injury Lawsuits
Navigating a foreign country is often difficult enough even under the auspices of a tour guide. But what happens when American tourists are injured in Mexico and the Caribbean?

U.S. attorneys must learn the complex legal lay of the foreign land in order to fight for your travel injury compensation rights. Even more challenging is representing an injured client when a travel agent or travel destination company is utilized to book the vacation package in the first place. Travel agents and travel destinations frequently turn the local tourism work over to more localized contractors whose first priority may not be personal safety.

Personal injury law firms contemplating whether or not to take on such foreign travel injury cases will review criteria pertaining to the clients, the merits of the claims, what damages ensued, and the foreign system of law. Like in the United States, every country or jurisdiction has a different statute of limitations on filing lawsuits.
Attorneys at the Pennsylvania personal injury law firm Anapol Schwartz Weiss Cohan Feldman & Smalley have successfully represented numerous people and their families who have been injured while traveling in Mexico and the Caribbean.
Please contact them if you have suffered as a victim of a foreign travel injury.

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